Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hello Dear Old Friend

Hello Blog World!

It's been a while! So as I mentioned in my first post, I'm a notorious starter of blogs. Unfortunately, I can't find the right footing to continuously post a few times a week. To cut myself a little slack it's been really hard working full-time and being a part-time graduate student. Also, everyday and not so everyday life stuff has been rearing its ugly head lately. The past three-four years have been really tough on me to be completely honest. I wanted this blog to be some kind of escape of cute outfits, delicious home cook meals, and creative hosting ideas.

Here's the reality:

  • I look extra frumpy cause I don't care about how I look as a result of kinda hating my job.
  • I haven't cooked a meal in ages (but there's a good reason)
  • I haven't really been hosting many fabulous dinners or brunches (cause I'm stuck doing school work, to lazy to clean, or binge watching Bravo) 

Another issue that came up for me around this blog was that I really got caught up in comparing myself to others and wanted to appear as wonderful and perfect as other bloggers do. Like that really had me stuck creatively. I realized that I was starting to compare my life with people I'm actually friends with as well.

So one morning, I had enough. I took FaceBook and Instagram off my phone. I just couldn't deal with constantly checking my phone and the debbie downer moments that would follow.

I'm at some kind of fork in the road moment in my life. Super big changes are on the horizon, and I am scared shitless! I'm happy, I'm sad, I laugh, and then I cry. It's a seriously a crazy space to be in honestly.

I share all this with you my fellow nonexistent readers, because I really need an outlet. I need to get it out my head, so I can start working towards stable, good, and happy. I'm not putting any pressure or schedules on myself. I'm just going with the flow, breathe, trust, and see what happens.

Thank you for reading. Stay blessed.

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